& Community Building

Every youth has the opportunity, creativity and capacity to meaningfully contribute towards their community.


YOU can animate (facilitate) your own Junior Youth Empowerment Program – which is a global movement inspiring young people (12 – 15 years old) to have a voice and develop the tools they need to serve their communities. In the groups, you can help be their mentors to engage in meaningful conversations, arts, and youth-led service projects / social action across the community. Your role in assisting this age group develop their identity and to help them shape their path for the future is of utmost importance and an invaluable service for them and in turn in fulfilling your own growth as well.


YOU can teach children (5 – 11 years old) to cultivate in them spiritual qualities such as love, kindness, justice and truthfulness, and help them to apply these qualities in their everyday lives. With ready-made lesson plans, you are supported to have fun as you serve, whilst laying the foundation for the most precious treasure a community can possess – our children. 


After participating in the sequence of courses, anyone can help a group of friends go through the Courses. You can help future participants to acquire some of the attitudes, skills and abilities to contribute to the community building process.


Devotional Gatherings have no set pattern, and can take place in a home, park, community room or nature. They can happen when two people or a thousand people come together to unite, pray together and engage in relevant social discourse. Youth contribute a unique, creative and artistic approach to devotional gatherings when starting their own.